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Your First Visit

Welcome to Portage Valley Hearing, located in downtown Pemberville. We are a small town office with big city technology. As you enter the office you will be greeted by our friendly and helpful staff.

Our philosophy is that a comprehensive audiological evaluation is the first step in finding appropriate solutions to your hearing problems. All testing is performed by Dr. Krukemyer in a sound booth using state of the art testing equipment which is calibrated

sound boothOnce your hearing test is complete Dr. Krukemyer will take you into her office to discuss the results of your evaluation. If a friend or loved one has accompanied you, which we highly recommend, they are welcome and encouraged to join you for the consultation. During the consultation Dr. Krukemyer will explain your test results and answer any questions you may have. If hearing instruments are recommended you will have the opportunity for an in-office demonstration of the latest in hearing aid technology.

Please complete the following forms and bring them with you to your first visit.